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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  December 22, 2012 9:00pm-9:30pm PST

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a waterlogged bay area braces for more rain and high winds. we have scattered showers tonight and second soaker is approaching. good evening, i'm ama daetz. let's get straight to leigh glaser. >> we've had calming effect, the early part of our evening but now live doppler 7 is getting more active as moisture is just feeding across the bay area. san francisco right now, new batch of moisture starting to move in. toward brisbane and heavy rain. that is extending over to daly city. over towards oakland, broadway
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terrace and moderate rain and another area south of san jose, very moderate rain from boulder creek south of saratoga and south of san jose, as well. rainfall totals the past 24 hours, quite impressive. over an inch of rain in redwood city, concord, also fairfield, over two inches of rain in san rafael. folks, this next system will move in tomorrow morning, three to four additional inches of rain possible in some locations. we'll tell you when you can expect the heavy rain comingup. check out this storm damage tonight in san francisco, a large branch from a tree came crashing down during strong rains and winds. the 76 gas station on potrero avenue was damaged and car window was damaged. >> we would have gotten killed about f we were sitting in the
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car last night. >> fortunately there was no one under the canopy when it came crashing down. >> a car crashed into a car. one looned down the embankment on the roof and other went halfway down and landed on the side. no one was seriously hurt. >> take a look at nasty driving conditions along lake tahoe. and kingvale, now to highway 267 at northstar, it is snow packed and still coming down this afternoon. it's making for treacherous driving, ski resorts are reporting excellent conditions. >> here is a live look from heavenly mountain, 2nd system is expected to combine with a tail end of the current system to bring up to four feet of snow in higher elevations. the weather is causing problems during this busy holiday weekend.
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there has been delays all day long. >> the unsettled weather and scattered showers brought with it a change in wind direction. that caused sfo to redirect landing and takeoff patterns from north to south which limits the number of flights landing and departing. >> we'll cut back from 60 to 25 landing. that is big number. >> airport duty manager that includes departures, that is why all the aircraft is backed up waiting to leave. the flight information board shows only a few flights rivaling or leaving on time. not good news for them who has to catch a connecting flight. >> we're supposed to leave at 2:00. we're leaving at 3:00, we're supposed to fly in chicago, we'll have about ten minutes to connect to our flight. >> they say they tried to keep delays in 45 minutes but it didn't last long. >> we held 45 minutes for a long time, almost all morning. then, like you say, the sky is
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getting dark and increased to an hour. >> wayne is just trying to get back to san diego. this rain might mean a longer delay. >> my flight is now an hour delayed. >> he says about 100,000 people will travel through sfo all day saturday. >> if you are planning on traveling, our flight tracker will notify you of flight delays. log on to and click on the link you'll see on our home page. >> with the mix of sun and rain, rainbows were spotted in the bay area. we want to share with you this rainbow as seen from our rooftop camera seen from our embarcadero camera. this one is over oakland's camera. stay with "abc 7 news" for continuing coverage. get the latest forecast tonight at 11:00 over on channel 7.
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you can track every storm this season any time with live doppler 7-hd at in newtown, connecticut, a funeral mass was held for some of the victims. 7-year-old was laid to rest. she was one of 20 students shot and killed at sandy hook elementary. with christmas days away, newtown has become so inundated with toys, people are being asked to do charity alable work instead or make a donation in the victim's name. >> a tribute for the victims and protest against gun laws in san francisco. protestors dressed in black laid down for 20 minutes. organizers then read the names of the victims. members of the brady campaign to end violence are asking for strict are gun laws. >> 28-year-old brian trevera was
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killed as he tried to arrest a prison escapee in the sunny vale district. russ ran to a qarj and o martin street. when police moved in police opened fire. he died the next day. berkeley police have a warning tonight about a tactic used by cellphone thieves. there have been several reports of cellphone thefts where the suspect claims to have an emergency and asking to borrow a phone. he grabs the phone and take off. don't lend your phone to strangers and don't talk alone when you are outside. >> early voting results as egyptians voted on their constitution. also a holiday message from the first family, what they are focusing on this year. later for all you
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procrastinaters, learn what will get your last minute delivered on time what it will cost. where the rain is on tonight. more is on its way, leigh gl
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president obama and his family are spending their holiday in hawaii. they arrived this morning. before they left they recorded the holiday address from the white house. the theme, joy to all including the joy of giving and joy of service and joy of homecoming. >> here that is especially true for some of our military families. the war in iraq is over. transition in afghanistan is under way and after a decade of war our heros are coming home. let's say a prayer for all our troops, especially those in afghanistan.
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>> i believe that we should serve them as well they serve this country. >> in a holiday wish given by john boehner is that both parties can come together and reach a solution to avoid the fiscal cliff, one that protects families and small businesses alike. >> preliminary results tonight show egypt's have received a yes majority of more than 70%. they went to the polls on a draft constitution. two top government officials resigned. proposed constitution would do with away the posts. with his background as a judge, politics doesn't suit him. egypt's central governor has resigned but they have not said why he quit. >> you will be able to get a whopper in france. they opened a restaurant at the
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airport. burger king says it plans to open another restaurant in france early next year. >> ahead, why so many people were forced to delay shipping their holiday gift this season. there are plenty of people still buying gifts and look at last minute mall madness. >> check out live doppler 7-hd. boy, huge rain moving overbroad way in san francisco. you can see the oranges and the yellows there. we'll keep a close eye on this storm and update. >> jerry rice has so many records in his n.f.l. career, in detroit, one of those records were on the line as calvin jo
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a holiday tradition of giving continues today in san francisco. outside the st. anthony's foundation a tent was set up for donations. this is the 24th stimulate year for the event, people that want to give back and help those in need. >> with my school and i have bunch of donated clothes that i brought over. >> there are lot of people need for clothes. >> st. anthony's curbside donation will resume on monday. >> retailers super saturday as shoppers made the last minute dash to the store. if you still haven't finished off your holiday shopping list, you are not alone. two-thirds of americans, 132 million people still have shopping to do. to entice shoppers to open their
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wallets, major retailers are offering deep discounts and big chains like macy's and toys 'r' us are open round the clock this weekend. shipping those last minute gifts many people pro contrast at a time because of storm sandy. they are going to deliver more than 500 packages on their peak day alone. you have to spend big money. for example, today, if you sent a 35 pound package from new york to los angeles, would it cost you $110 for christmas eve delivery. listen, heavy rain is moving into san francisco. we're going to show you live look from transamerica tower here. you can definitely see on the lens here, some of those raindrops. let's go to live doppler 7-hd.
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this area of rain right here is just building in. it moved in quickly about ten minutes ago. you can see already exiting the embarcadero and san francisco heading over towards the bay. it's heading for albany and ashby avenue area. this area the cell will move on over there. the lightning being reported in this cell, but nonetheless very heavy rain. san rafael had a rain shower down to larkspur. also from boulder creek extending over to saratoga, to the south of city of san jose between san jose and morgan hill. all of this is that verse go towards the east-northeast. wave after wave of these showers have been intensifying in the last 30 minutes. los gatos, right in line for moderate rain from this particular cell. right here, to the south and east of campbell right here, 82
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starting to get very heavy rain, wave after wave an rain but the main event is not going to take event until tomorrow morning, upper 40s to low 50s. here is a look at my forecast. heavy rain sunday morning, good news is it moves in and moves out. we'll look for clearing sunday night and looks like a dry day on christmas eve. here is some of those showers right here moving in. a little bit of a break. check out the moisture plume behind. all of this is what is due in here tomorrow morning. heavy rain, very strong winds. be prepared, tomorrow morning may not be the best time to ride out but wait until the afternoon. 11:00, you can see the showers starting to move in. check out 2:00, 3:00, 5:00 tomorrow morning, there is the heaviest rain and strong winds
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ahead of cold front, starting at 9:00 a.m. getting close to the golden gate bridge. noon, most of rain pushes down the south bay. partial clearing in the north bay, 2:00 p.m. pushes south and by 4:00 through 10:00 tomorrow night, nice clearing. new year's eve day will be clear as well. wind advisory up to 1:00 afternoon, and ahead of the front. winds 30 miles an hour with gusts up to 50 miles an hour. north bay mountains, four inches. the rest of us one to two inches and very heavy downpours. in the mountains, two to five feet of snow at the 4,000 foot level. visibility is less than a quarter of mile. periods of heavy rain earlier in the day tomorrow, also strong
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winds and then we'll look for afternoon clearing. temperatures mid to upper 50s across the bay area. we'll get a dry night tomorrow night. monday is dry, we bring in some showers, christmas day afternoon in through wednesday and then we're dry thursday and friday. mike is here with sports. saturday night football. >> that is right. n.f.l. hose contingent atlanta. home field advantage throughout the playoffs but the real story, lions receiver calvin johnson breaking rice's record. he threw for 279 yards, great catch by jones, falcons led 21-6 at the half. megatron needed 180 wards yardz. this left him four shy of the record. fourth quarter, 26 yard catch, he has most receiving yards in a single season, 892, hands the
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ball over to his dad. he had 11 catches for 225 yards, but falcons clinch with a 31-18 victory. >> san jose state leaves for bowling green. it's been a remarkable year for the spartans. ranked 24th for the first time in school history with a 10-2 lord. the defensive coordinate a nayer will coach the team in the bowl game. >> its week long deal. they have done a great job preparing but we told them to enjoy the moment. a lot of young guys have looked forward. >> we're finally here and hoping for a bowl game away last year and we were one game away. we have been playing here and everyone has come together and we are ready. >> to nevada. las vegas bowl, boise state and washington. boise state in control early.
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quarterback and chris potter, 34-yard td. washington cut into that lead. here is 26 of 205 yards rushing. huskies left at the half. he hits the field goal, boise straight wins 28-26 your final. >> warriors with back-to-back beating charlotte and hosting lakers who have beaten golden state 17 of the last 18 times. steve is back in line-up. curry, 89 three's last night. kobe puts the lakers up by 4. great fadeaway. then to the second quarter. derek jack exploded. nothing but net. david lee had a triple double last night and closer to a double-double. right now, 81-70 in the third. we'll have highlights coming up at 11:00 on channel 7.
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>> undefeated stanford hosted by longtime rival and lady cardinals had too much game. pat summers on hand. probably thinking what everybody else. here at left hand. stanford, and there with the put back. 21 points and 19 rebounds and stanford remains unbeaten. >> for the men, cal hosting prior ri view a&m. justin cobb with 14 points on the night. the steal and you know what is coming. 23 points for him. cal win it 85-53. >> facing san diego state. he got lit up by chase, 33 points on the afternoon.
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san diego stated i am police officers to 10-1, 80-58 was the final. >> we're hear from megatron and more from the warriors tonight at 11:00 and we'll see you then. >> all of your electronic devices zapping you of
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coming up tonight, power outages, wind damage and it's not over yet. we're tracking the storm and latest what is heading your way. >> the real controversy the big blowup after not quite right answer tonight at 11:00. if you are looking to spark your creativity, a new study suggests to ta


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